Beach Towels


Last year, I shared my summer essentials with you in my Sourcebook for Summer, Grown Ups Kids editions.  But after spending the last couple weeks in Lake Tahoe on the beach, it felt right to share all my favorite beach towels for this summer as well.


Nine Space Ocean Turkish Towels

My friend Katie Fine sent me a link to these amazing Turkish Towels last spring and I was absolutely hooked.  They are beautiful and look like classic Turkish towels, but when you turn them over they are backed in terry, making them super absorbent and practical.  I ordered the white with navy stripe for Tahoe and they have been great.  They come in an array of styles and great colors but my favorites are the navy & white and black & white, and the orange and yellow colorways could also be fun.


Creative Women

Always one of my favorite companies, Creative Women makes the most beautiful thin towels for summer.  I have a variety of different colored Hatch towels in Tahoe and love them.  I also think the Dots towels, Stripes towelsRibs towels, and Lines towels are great options.  Super thin and soft, their towels are not as absorbent as terry, but I am a big fan of their lightness and feel.  They also aren’t supposed to go in the dryer – something to take into consideration if that's not practical for your lifestyle.


After swimming at our friends Jessica and Jed's house recently, they handed us the most beautiful linen towels from Anichini and I, of course, fell in love.  They may not be as absorbent as a classic terry towel, but they definitely do the trick and make up for functionality in looks.  Some of my favorites for the beach are the LunaMykolas, and Olga


Brahms Mount

Another great option for linen beach towels is Brahms Mount – I have them for our pool at home and adore them.  They come in a couple great stripe colors, my favorites being the natural & chocolate and the pearl & natural, and the pearl & blue is great as well.  XXJKE