Rain Rain Go Away


Now that it’s finally feeling like winter and we are having some rainy days, I wanted to share my favorite finds my kids for the rainy season.  


Stella McCartney makes an insanely adorable see-through umbrella with funny faces printed on it.  I just ordered one for Tanner and think it’s a must for every toddler. Another great option is Brelli umbrellas.  Our friend Kimberly gave Tanner an XS clear Brelli that he colored and is obsessed with. 

Rain Coats


For the little ladies, I love a see-through raincoat.  Again, Stella McCartney has an adorable one this season.  Rip has this great Marc Jacobs raincoat, which is a clear trench with red piping. 


For the little boys, I love a classic yellow raincoat.  Petite Bateau makes a chic yellow rubber raincoat with blue and white striped lining that is very French!  It’s also available for adults if you like matching, which of course I do!  Stella has an adorable yellow raincoat that is very similar, as well.

Rain boots


Hunter makes classic great rain boots for the entire family.  I love all the different colors for kids – it’s hard to choose!  This season, Tan picked great hunter green pair and Rip has a great bright red. I'm in love with their yellow ones.  They also offer a stripped sock for colder days that works as a cute liner. 


Aigle is another great option for rain boots.  They have an adorable selection for the little ones. Last year, Tan had a pair of the Menage in black and they were awesome. I’m also really into the Perdrix in army green.  They offer a great selection for adults - I wear the Chantebelle on very rainy days. 

Native Shoes

I like Native Shoes for the kids if you’re looking for an alternative to a rain boot.  They come in tons of great colors and styles – they’re made out of rubber and slip right on, which is really practical.  My favorite styles are the Howard and the Miller.  XXJKE