Ice Buckets


Now that summer is here and the weather is warm, I find myself constantly using my ice buckets, whether for entertaining with a larger group or simply to keep a bottle of white wine or rosé chilled at dinner. Here are some of my favorites:

My all-time favorite ice bucket is from Sol & Luna. I bought it years ago from Tim Clarke’s store in Santa Monica, and you can find them in the Hamptons and online and Natasha Esch’s amazing site MONC XIII. And, I'm excited to say I have Sol & Luna arriving at my stores in the fall, so stay tuned. 

Roost always has great ice buckets, especially for larger parities. I love their galvanized buckets and wine trough, woven ones such as this one and this set of three, and their smaller wooden one with a lid that's great.  

I love this metal one with jute handles from West Elm, as well as this larger version, which I have in Tahoe. Also great, this hammered steel one with rope handles and this simple steel bucket with attached scoop.

I always love a woven ice bucket and these small and large ones in a whitewash and this one in antique brown, all with matching rattan tongs, are just great. And lastly, I can't resist this vintage ice bucket and this leather-handled option in smooth carved resin. XXJKE