Floral Arrangements with Moon Canyon - A Citrus Color Story


One of the wonderful things about creating your own floral arrangements is that inspiration can come from a wide variety of sources – a season, an occasion, or a table setting, to name a few. For the next in our Floral Arrangement series, the lovely Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon walked me through creating one inspired by a springtime color story. Included in our citrus-hued display: crown imperial fritillaria, parrot tulip, white lilac, white anthurium and ranunculus.

Spring has so many great blooms to choose from, but there are a few that Kristen finds to be particularly so. One of those is the crown imperial fritillaria, the large yellow and orange-headed flower around which she based our color story.

As seen in this arrangement, Kristen loves mixing florals with different patterns and tones. To create a complementary mix for the fritillaria, she added a variety of different blooms including local ranunculus with a beautiful plum trim, as well as two types of tulips, each with their own stripes and hues.
Another of Kristen's springtime picks (both for its look and its incredible scent) is white lilac. To add soft touches of white to the arrangement, she added both white lilac and white anthurium, allowing one of her favorite combinations: the mix of tropical florals and spring blooms.
Lastly, Kristen noted that when creating an arrangement, movement should also be considered. In this case, the fritillaria and tulips not only complemented each other, but also added a great deal of movement to the display. In turn, the white lilac and white anthurium served to balance the wild motion of the fritillaria and tulips. XXJKE