Stunning Arrangements Simplified with Yasmine Floral Design: A Holiday Centerpiece


For the third installment in our series on demystifying (and simplifying) floral arrangements, the lovely Yasmine Mei of Yasmine Floral Design walked me through creating a wild and beautiful arrangement perfect for a holiday centerpiece. The ingredients: HopsPincushion ProteaRose Hips, ChestnutsRed Calla Lily and Liquidambar.

To begin, Yasmine shared that the vessel in which you house your arrangement can often be as important as the floral components themselves. She noted that she uses primarily vintage vessels (in this case, one purchased here), as the look of a brand-new one can detract from the overall arrangement.

#1 Hops - In season right now, this beautiful vine boasts lots of shape (the best part about them, Yasmine shared). For this arrangement, she placed them low and primarily around the circumference. 

#2 Pincushion Protea - For added dimension, Yasmine cut these dense clusters of flowers at a range of different heights.

#3 Rose Hips - The fruit of the rose plant, rose hips can often be found in the wild.

#4 Chestnuts - A group of species of deciduous plants and shrubs in the Beech family, chestnut also refers to the edible nuts they produce.

 #5 Red Calla Lilly - These trumpet-shaped blooms in a rich hue provided the perfect punch of autumnal color. 

#6 Liquidambar - Yasmine stripped the liquidambar leaves and used it primarily in the center of the arrangement to fill out the display as a whole. And lastly, a tip: make certain to remove all leaves that may touch the water in your vase. Leaves left to touch the water not only create bacteria when they mold, but also affect the longevity of your arrangement (think lettuce in a bag). XXJKE